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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


Enjoy the beauty of Kyoto
with Fuuka Kimono!



【NEW Plan】

1. Luxury Fuuka Furisode Hair Accessories Rental (Japanese style hairstyling service will be provided with hair accessories rental)


2. Fuuka Hakama Plan 


3. Fuuka Furisode Plan 


Further guidance on kimono purchase procedures has also been launched! Click on link below for further information:



【A small hotel modified from an old machiya has opened in Gion,Kyoto.】

Gion Fu-ka



It is close to Kiyomizudera and Hanamikoji ect, very convenient for sightseeing.

Please enjoy a wonderful trip in the private space with friends,families,lover,ect.
It is close to many tourist attractions such as Kiyomizudera and Hanamikoji.

Whole house rental(Can accommodate 5 people)  
(The price will be higher or lower due to the seasons)

Please feel free to contact us for details.


point 01

Run by the kimono manufacturer

At Fuuka Kimono Rental, we are a known kimono rental store of Fuuka Kimono Online Shop. The brand Fuuka Kimono operates in direct retail service under the largest polyester kimono manufacturer in Kyoto. We also specializes in wholesale Japanese wears to businesses clients such as kimono stores, hotels and Japanese cuisine restaurants in both Japan and various overseas countries. Currently we are establishing new expansionary partnership with overseas businesses and clients. As a Kimono manufacturer, Fuuka Kimono fabricate over hundreds of thousands of Japanese wear on annual basis, to provide variety of trending Kyoto dyed Kimono styles and top quality Japan print Yukata for our rental customers to experience. At Fuuka Kimono Rental, we sell and rent daily updated catalogues of Japanese traditional wears. Moreover, we can also provide retail service in kimono and related Japanese wear at special price to tourists and overseas visitors.

point 02

Home feeling service

At Fuuka Rental, we value highly of our customers’ precious travel time by arrange kimono dress up service in prompt manner. We are confident in our one to one kimono styling service to meet every demand of each customer to our best extend. We are also famous for providing large range of kimono in styles from the top luxurious Furisode design to elegant traditional Kyoto design. High dedication to create at home atmosphere. Our rental store is close in proximity to famous Kyoto sightseeing sites and shopping districts.

point 03

You can purchase kimono,
yukata and Japanese style things

You can be assured to purchase kimono, yukata and other related Japanese products at low wholesale price. We accept direct visit reservations to our company headquater and retail orders on our Facebook shop. We also accept overseas delivery, and direct national delivery to Japanese hotels, inns, etc. Please contact us through our mail account for further detail.


We have 8 different plans for you to choose.

  • Sakura standard female kimono plan

    Sakura standard female kimono plan

    Online payment 3,500 Yen (tax excluded)

    Regular price 4,000 Yen (tax excluded)

    We prepare the in fashion kimono for you.
    (can't choose by yourself).

  • Fuuka luxury female kimono plan

    Fuuka luxury female kimono plan

    Online payment 5,000 Yen (tax excluded)

    Regular price 5,500 Yen (tax excluded)

    Freely choose from lots of high quality kimono with unique design.

  • Fuuka luxury male kimono plan

    Fuuka luxury male kimono plan

    Online payment 5,000 Yen (tax excluded)

    Regular price 5,500 Yen (tax excluded)

    Freely choose from lots of high quality kimono with unique design.

  • Luxury couple kimono plan

    Luxury couple kimono plan

    Online payment 9,000 Yen (tax excluded)

    Regular price 9,500 Yen (tax excluded)

    The special price for the set of Fuuka luxury female & male kimono plan.

  • Sakura standard female summer yukata plan

    Sakura standard female yukata plan
    (only for summer)

    Online payment 4,000 Yen (tax excluded)

    Regular price 4,500 Yen (tax excluded)

    We recommend this plan to customers who want to experience yukata dressing easily.
    ※Freely choose yukata and obi from yukata for Sakura standard plan.

  • Fuuka luxury female yukata plan

    Fuuka luxury female yukata plan
    (only for summer)

    Online payment 5,000 Yen (tax excluded)

    Regular price 5,500 Yen (tax excluded)

    Freely choose special Japan-dyed yukata and the latest obi to make a luxury and cute yukata style.

  • Fuuka male summer yukata plan

    Fuuka male summer yukata plan
    (only for summer)

    Online payment 4,500 Yen (tax excluded)

    Regular price 5,000 Yen (tax excluded)

    Freely choose the latest yukata and obi to make a luxury yukata style.

  • Luxury couple yukata plan

    Luxury couple yukata plan
    (only for summer)

    Online payment 9,000 Yen (tax excluded)

    Regular price 9,500 Yen (tax excluded)

    Both of you can freely choose special yukata and the latest obi to make a luxury yukata style.


The detailed information for reservation, getting to Fuuka and kimono renting.

1 Reservations

Come to Fuuka and enjoy the special Kyoto sightseeing experience with dressing beautiful kimono!
We only accpet reservations.

You can make the reservation on our website <url for reservation>, contact mail<contact@fuukakimono.com>or on phone.

Reservation telephone:075-365-0099 Open hours: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
For phone, we provide Japanese service.
For e-mail, we provide Japanese, English and Chinese service.

Remind you peak seasons (ex: Sakura festival in spring and Maple festival in autumn) are our busy periods.
To make sure your renting quality, please kindly make your reservation early.

Make an online reservation and pay online now!

2 How to get to Fuuka's kimono shop

If you can't find Fuuka's kimono shop, please feel free to contact us through phone. And also please arrive early for your renting.

You don't need to prepare anything, but please bring your ID card(passport or driver's license)to help us to make sure your identity.

Remind you that if you arrive late, probably you will delay your kimono dressing time. To ensure your kimono renting quality, we suggest you arrive in 10 minutes early.

3 Kimono picking and dressing

The characteristic of Fuuka kimono plan is original kimono focus.
We choose the various kinds of colors and styles which only can made by kimono manufacturers to coordinate the latest Janpanese style ,modern,cute kimonos 。※Please look our photo gallery.

In Standard plan(Sakura) you can select the kimono sets which are coordinated by staff.
In Luxury plan(Fuuka) you can coordinated the kimono and obi which you prefer.The other plan,please refer to the plan.

We have also redesigned our kimono and make it more comfortable and easier to dress.
We try to reduce the kimono dressing time to make you have more time to enjoy Kyoto.

We will prepare all the kimono dressing things for you, you don’t need to bring anything by yourself.

It takes about 15 minutes for each person to wear kimono.

We especially provide kimono quick dressing plan. Only 5 minutes, you can finish your kimono dressing.

※ Kimono quick dressing plan starts from the second half of 2016. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

※ If you want to buy the kimono or choose the kimono from more pieces, please free to make a reservation by e-mail first and you can come to our kimono head office to buy or choose the kimono before your kimono renting day.

・New Hair styling service.

Most of furisode kimonos we rent are designed to have shorter sleeves than usual ones, so they are suitable for taking a stroll around Kyoto.
And we can offer you gorgeous hair accessories that go well with those frisode kimonos.
Hair accessories are extra. We will provide simple hair styling for kimono style free of charge, when you rent a hair accessory.

Rental fee of a hair accessory for furisode kimono
・Booking first 1,500 Yen (tax excluded)
・Adding on your renting day 2,000 Yen (tax excluded)
(If you would like to make a reservation, please check a check box of “hair styling” of application form.)
※We acccept the rental fee on your renting day.
※If hair accessory renting is full on that day, we won't provide it.

4 Luxury coordinate option

We provide many gorgeous hair accessories that you have never seen before.
You can choose one you like.
We will provide simple hair styling for kimono style free of charge, when you rent a hair accessory.

5 Going out

When you finish your kimono dressing and make the payments, you can start your sightseeing in Kyoto. We can help you keep your luggage. (except for important belongings, ex: cell phone, camera and money)

※ If you need it, it is our pleasure to recommend you the famous and nice places in Kyoto.

6 Kimono returning

Please return the kimono before 6:00 pm on your renting day and remember to take your personal belongings back.

※If you return the kimono after 6:00 pm or on the next day, you need to pay 1,000 Yen (tax excluded) for each person.

If you return the kimono on the next day, please make sure you return it before 12:00 pm.
If you return the kimono after 12:00 pm, you need to pay extra 1,000 Yen (tax excluded) for each person.

Kimono and yukata purchase

At Fuuka Kimono,
We retail large variety of yukata and other kimono related accessories at special wholesale price (yukata - from 2500 yen; kimono - from 4000 yen).
For customers who would like to view more products, please contact us for head-office reservation.
Please check our facebook shop for more yukata sales.
International Delivery Available.
Please choose from currently available stock at head-office due to the high product liquidity.
※You need not to return the new yukata for yukata purchasing plan. Click here for details
Don't need to return! Dress up freely yukata purchase plan.
Please ask the staff if you are interested in this plan.
Koi dance fuuka version

Gion machiya in Kyoto.(Private Garden)

Fuka's machiya hotel has opened in Gion where is convenient for sightseeing.
Can accommodate 5 people.
Please enjoy the trip of Kyoto in the private machiya with friends,families,lover,ect.
Whole house rental(1house)¥18,000~/night(The price change more or less due to the season)


Please choose your renting day.
Online reservation, please book it two days in advance.
One day before or the same day reservation, please call us directly.
For the detail of reservation, please check the “FLOW”.

Please choose your visiting time.










Here are the common questions from our customers.

Do I need to bring anything for wearing kimono?
"You don't need to bring anything.
We provide everything for you.

※ For winter, please wear warm underwear with large collar or bring a shawl to keep yourself warm."
Which plan is suitable for me?
"It is possible to change your plan on the day you come.
You are welcome to take a look of the kimono when you come and then decide which plan you want."
How long can I finish the kimono dressing?
"Normally about 15 minutes to get ready to go out. (hair set not included). Hair set takes other 10 minutes.
It really depends on how long you choose the kimono and peak seasons (spring, autumn) may take longer time."
Is there any kimono suitable for me if I am short or tall?
Yes, there is.
S (height around 153cm, hip around 95cm)
BL(height around 163cm, hip around 110cm)
TL(height around 170cm, hip around 95cm)
We provide kimono rental plan and zori with special sizes.
Please inform us in advance if you need special sizes.
※Please inform us through mail in advance if you need special sizes.
Is there any kimono for wedding ceremony (graduation ceremony)?
"Sorry, it is not available now.
But we have special plans for Furisode, Two feet sleeves kimono, Hakama."
Can I come earlier in the morning for kimono dressing?
Yes, you can and an extra fee for early booking is needed.
Early morning reservation time is 9:00 am-10:00 am.
Extra fee for each person: Kimono rental 1,000 yen (tax excluded) / Hair style 1,000 yen (tax excluded)
※It is necessary to pay the extra fee for early booking even though you are late finally.
※If you want to change or cancel your booking,please contact us before 12:00am in 2 days in advance.
Would you keep my luggage?
We will help you to keep carry-on luggage except important personal belongings.
What should I do if I have defiled the kimono?
If you defile your kimono, please do not wash and repair it by yourself. Please explain the reason to us when you return it and we will try to figure it out. Normally we will not charge you for little and washable stains. Please understand that we may charge for repair expenses and cleaning fee for significantly stains or damages. We will request you to pay for the kimono set and accessories in case you lose them.
What should I do if I want to buy kimono or yukata?
You can purchase Kimono, kimono related products, Yukata and so on at our head office.Please sent a mail to contact@fuukakimono.com ,let us know when and what kind of items you want to buy.
What is the last time for returning the kimono?
The last time for returning the kimono is 6:00 pm. Next day return is 12:00 pm.
How can I return the kimono?
You can return it in the same day or the next day.Same day return, please return it to our shop before 18:00pm.
Next day return, please return to our shop before next day 12:00 am.※You need to pay 1000yen if you return by the next day.
Is it possible to extend the rental time?
Yes, it is possible.
If I can not return the kimono by last time, what should I do?
Please call us by 075-365-0099 and you need to pay extra 1,000 yen (tax excluded).
What is the last time for returning the kimono?
The last time for returning the kimono is 6:00 pm.
Is it possible to send my luggage and personal belongings to my hotel?
Sorry for that we do not have this service now.
Can I return the kimono during non-business time?
Sorry for that we do not have this service now.
Will you help me do the hair styling?
Yes, we provide hair styling serviece and extra fee is needed.
Hair styling fee: booking first 1,500 Yen (tax excluded) /adding on your renting day 2,000 Yen (tax excluded)
Can I borrow hair accessories?
Yes, you can. The rental of hair accessories is included in the hair styling service.
Is it possible to have hair styling for short hair?
Yes, it is possible to have hair styling if you have certain length.
Can I reserve the Kimono?
Yes, you can. You can come to choose the kimono on the day before you visit.
Can I reserve hair styling through the Website?
Please write it in the notes column,and pay the hair styling fee at our shop when you finish your kimono dressing.
Can I buy yukata at the shop?
Yes,you can.We sell kimono and kimono Related products,Japanese style things all the year round.
When will the yukata plan start?
It will start from 1/6 to 15/9.


Fuuka Kimono is the kimono shop run by the professional kimono manufacturer from Kyoto.
We have a lot of the latest original design kimono, obi and so on.You can rent the high quality kimono with cute and modern design at our shop.We also sell lots of delicate Japanese goods in reasonable prices.If you want to purchase kimono,please make an oppointment before you come to our head office.
If you are intersted in us, please feel free to contact us.

Adress: 235 Sendocho Shimogyo, Kyoto
Telephone: (075)365-0099
E-mail: contact@fuukakimono.com
Open hours: 10:00 am - 6:30 pm

■ Hankyu Railway, Kyoto line
Kawaramachi station, 3 minutes walk from exit 2-B
■ Keihan Railway, Main line
Gion-shijo station, 10 minutes walk from exit 3
■ Taxi, from Kyoto station
10 minutes drive (about 1,000 Yen)