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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


160410 Kyoto Fuukakimono sale & rental yukata

【About our Yukata & Kimono】 

We choose high quality fabrics after considering price, durability and air permeability.
Both ofJapanese dyeing and Chinese dyeing fabrics are in the range of our production. And we have a fair confidence in the quality of Chinese dyeing, because our production is dyed in professional dyeing factories where always dyeing Japanese kimono and yukata in Japanese inspection standard.

Yukata produced in both our own company and subcontract factories are achieving an average sale of more than 50,000pieces each year.

We wholesale our own brands Fuka and ANEN yukata to shops in Kyoto ,Tokyo and so on.
And we also sell yukata in our company.
If you want to purchase yukata, please make an appointment before you come to our shop.
Selling price: ¥2500~