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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


161002 Kyoto Fuuka Rental Kimono- Cute style




With the flower Botan (botanka).

Botan with the image of a happy and successful ending in Japan.


Remind you that:

• Kimono in the photo is with longer sleeves.
Rental kimono is with shorter sleeves and easier to move.


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We are kimono manufacturer, mainly produce 100% polyester washable kimono.

And, we take charge from planning to producing consistently.

We sell and rent kimono selected carefully such as patterns of sakura, camellia,



There are so many places where are good for taking photos with wearing kimono like Kiyomizu Temple, Kamigamo Shrine, Kamoshimo Shrine, Nijyo Castle.

What’s more, it is very convenience to go to Gion, Yasaka Shrine, Hanami Street, Fushimiinari Shrine from Fu-ka.


Why not roam Kyoto with dressing Fu-ka’s kimono.