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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


170141-Hakama Plan-2 scale sleeve-N13

Hakama Plan

This is the first year of Hakama plan in Fuuka.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to try our Hakama rental.

Hakama and kimono are Japanese traditional clothing.
Hakama, which is ankle-length, is a pleated skirt worn over a Kimono.
Hakama goes well with the heel shoes and the ankle boots. This is easy to move in and good for having a stroll around Kyoto.
Recently, most of Japanese girls wear Hakama at a graduation ceremony.
As you may know, the number of girls, who want to wear Hakama, have been increasing due to a big hit of Manga "Chihayafuru".Komon(Nomal sleeve) and Hakama

   Online payment 8,500Yen ( Tax excluded)
   Regular price 9,000Yen     ( Tax excluded)

Kofurisode(A little long sleeve ) and Hakama
   Online payment 10,000Yen ( Tax excluded)
   Regular price 10,500Yen     ( Tax excluded)

If you would like to make a reservation of Hakama plan, please check a Fuuka luxury plan.
We will accept amount of difference on your renting day.

We can assure you that you'll be pleased with the Hakama of Fuuka.

※Photo  Kofurisode kimono and Hakama