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風香 Fuuka-Kimono



"Homongi", a formal kimono for women.

Usually worn to attend important event such as ceremony, traditional event or celebration event in Japan.


It is characterized by its pattern that is designed in shoulder, chest and even sleeves.

And especially the whole pattern that is connected in spite of the stitches.

It has pale, soft colors and classic patterns and it looks elegant and sophisticated.


Depending on types of "Obi", you can wear it for formal looks or more casual looks.

Homongi and Hanhaba Obi (More casual)
   Online payment 10,000Yen ( Tax excluded)
   Regular price  11,000Yen  ( Tax excluded)

Homongi and Taiko obi (Formal style)
   Online payment 12,000Yen ( Tax excluded)
   Regular price    13,000Yen  ( Tax excluded)


If you would like to make a reservation of Homongi plan, please make a reservartion on Fuuka  luxury female kimono PLAN.
You can pay the rest of price difference directly in our shop on the rent day.

We can assure you that you'll be pleased with the Homongi of Fuuka.