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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


171201 Japanese Women Hakama Andon Solid Color Single Item


「Japanese Women Hakama Andon Solid Color Single Item」


Brand new


Hakama - Andon Solid Color Single Item RED 3,500yen ( Tax excluded)


■About Hakama
This is a hakama that is produced by Fuuka company. Maintaining highquality, keeping high product quality.

Standard type of Traditional Hakama style that are designed by Japanese designers.

-With the use of carefully selected 100% Polyester fabric.


-Beautiful color created


-Japanese design wear


-Quality insured by Japanese standards


-Wholesale price


■Hakama SIZE


※If you want to coordinate with the boots,Please choose it with a one size smaller. Please let us know ,if you have any questions.


【SS】Under the belt(front):約80cm(Height adjustment :138~145cm)

【S】Under the belt(front):約87cm(Height adjustment :145~153cm)

【M】Under the belt(front):約91cm(Height adjustment :153~160cm)

【L】Under the belt(front):約95cm(Height adjustment :160~168cm)

【LL】Under the belt(front):約99cm(Height adjustment :168~175cm)



Hakama - Polyester100%