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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


171208 Japanese Women Hakama Gradation Color (Traditional Embroidered Design)

「Japanese Women Hakama Gradation Color Andon Single Item」


Brand new


Hakama Gradation Colors (Traditional Embroidered Design)
Single Item Yellow Green 6,000yen ( Tax excluded)


■About Hakama
This is a hakama that is produced by Fuuka company. Maintaining highquality, keeping high product quality.

Luxury type of Traditional Hakama style that are designed by Japanese designers.

-With the use of carefully selected 100% Polyester fabric.


-Beautiful gradation colour created


-Beautiful special embroidered design


-Quality insured by Japanese standards


-Wholesale price


■Hakama SIZE


※If you want to coordinate with the boots,Please choose it with a one size smaller. Please let us know ,if you have any questions.


【SS】Under the belt(front):約80cm(Height adjustment :138~145cm)

【S】Under the belt(front):約87cm(Height adjustment :145~153cm)

【M】Under the belt(front):約91cm(Height adjustment :153~160cm)

【L】Under the belt(front):約95cm(Height adjustment :160~168cm)

【LL】Under the belt(front):約99cm(Height adjustment :168~175cm)



Hakama - Polyester100%