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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


1800707 Kyoto Fuuka Sale Kimono Shop Access Hankyu Railway, Omiya Station


1.Take the East exit from the ticket gate and turn right.

2.Continue straight ahead.

3.When you see exit sign, go to "Exit 2A" on the left side. Then,please go up the stairs.

4.As you step on the stairs, please continue straight ahead.

5.Walk continue straight on the pedestrian crossing, then turn left and go straight a head.

6.As you proceed straight ahead there is the first signal.Cross the traffic light and continue straight a head.

7.You will see a big street (HORIKAWA street). Then, please turn right.

8.After that, please go straight ahead.

9.You can see the first narrow street on the right side, beyond that, and go straight ahead.

10.You can see the signboard of "KOYA CO., LTD"「株式会社コウヤ」 on your right side.
 Here is our head office.