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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180113 Komon ,Kofurisode,Furisode Kimono Style

「Komon ,Kofurisode,Furisode Kimono Style」






On this picture there are the same kind kimono but with different length sleeve

According to the kimonos length sleeve they have a different name also usage

Komon kimono is commonly worn

Kofurisode is also callled by Ni-shakusode kimono

"Shaku" from Ni-shaku means a unit of length

If you want to order kimono it also measured with "shaku" 

Kofurisode (Ni-shaku sode) kimono usually wear on Japanese Graduation ceremony together with hakama



On this picture, Kofurisode doesn`t only wear with hakama

But you also can wear kofurisode without hakama, its still looks beautiful

Furisode is usually worn for celebrating coming af age ceremony or on wedding party

Since it has a long sleeve, many pattern also can be seen

it is very gorgeous kimono style

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