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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180406 Kyoto Fuuka Sale Yukata x69-A2-3























ITEM NAME: Japanese Ladies Retro Modern Summer Kimono - Yukata and obi belt x69-A2-3


 Standard type of Traditional yukata style that are designed by Japanese
 With the use of carefully selected 100% cotton Hiraori fabric.
 A product that is recognized by local Japanese dye and fabrication quality
 - Japanese design wear
 - Quality insured by Japanese standards
 ※If you would  like to change the color, please let us know before buying it.
 Heko obi is a style of Japan produced obi belt that is made easy to wearb even for beginners.
 It is a product with careful design by our company with precision
 calculation from its degree of softness, texture design to thickness.
 Fabric of our original " Heko obi belt " is not only soft but also stays the shape.
 We developed the fabric by adjusting thickness of yarn, combination of warp
 and weft yarns and their texture. Weaving silver color yarn makes it look more gorgeous.
 Fabric having a watermark which is Seven Treasures or Stripes looks classy and luxury. 
 These patterns have been loved for a long time.
 - highly recommended for its convenience and gorgeous design
 - popular yukata belt choice in Japan
 - Made in Japan
・Garment Length : 163cm
・Sleeve vertical length : 49cm
・Sleeve length (horizontal measure from centerlining)  : 67cm
・Height adjustment : 153~168cm
・Length : 360.0cm
・Width : 17.5cm
・Yukata - Cotton
・Obi Belt - Polyester(Nylon mix)
 yukata + obi set 4000 yen (exclude tax)