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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180801 Kyoto Fuuka Sale Yukata About Material

About fabric of yukatas


The fabric of yukatas is made for summer. The materials are 100% cotton or materials mixed with cotton and linen.


In recent years, polyester materials have been improved. Materials that fit to hot summer days are used.



Each feature is different.

The cotton material yukatas are divided in two type. Hiraori Yukatas(flat fabric)and Kawariori Yukatas(fabric with woven ground pattern).




In Japan, Hiraori Yukatas are mainly used for spa yukatas for indoor use. Such as hotel. In the other hand, Hiraori Yukatas are also used for selling to persons who want to buy yukatas at a reasonable price.



As the same with denim, fabric of Hiraori Yukatas has different thickness.


Different thickness of fabric are used for different purpose with compatibility of dyeing and sewing.


In order to meet the preference of different guests, we provide 3 types of thickness of Hiraori yukatas.


The advantage of Kawariori Yukatas is that you can feel cool with the fabric.




The traditional fabric of kimono in summer called KOUBAI, YOURYU and RO.


In recent years, many types of Kawariori Yukatas are produced.



Briefly, Kawariori Yukatas are that the woven way of fabric is different with Hiraori Yukatas. Since different woven way, the pattern of fabric itself is different and density of thread also different.


Advantages of Kawariori Yukatas


・You won’t feel uncomfortable even in hot summer day.

・Since the fabric of yukatas is high quality, yukatas will keep pretty after washing.

・The fabric of Kawariori Yukatas is compatible with dyeing which made high quality yukatas.


In Japan, Kawariori Yukatas have many different types. According to different makers and brand, woven way of fabric is different.


We provide many Kawariori Yukatas.

Most of guests will choose pattern of yukatas. But you can also focus on materials and choose some suitable fabric to yourself.