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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180803 Kyoto dyed About Polyester Fuuka Kimonos

■About Polyester Kimonos (Roller printing)

We provide kimonos dyed in Kyoto.There are two kinds of dyeing of polyester kimonos. They are roller printing and hand printing.We will simply introduce the difference of dyeing to you.







Roller printing is that dyeing fabric with roller printing machines.




The craftsmen who inherited traditional techniques engrave patterns of kimonos on the machines.

The machines will be engraved with many patterns for different color.



Craftsmen will change different machines when dyeing.





Craftsmen usually adjust machines to dye perfectly.


Roller printing can dye very small and exquisite patterns.


Craftsmen can engrave exquisite line and points on the machines perfectly.


For example, the patterns on traditional kimonos called SAME and MANSUJI are very small. It seems simple at a distance. These kinds of kimonos are dyed by roller painting techniques.




Of course, in addition to the advantage of dyeing exquisite patterns, the gradation of color also pretty.






Please enjoy wearing roller painting kimonos with these knowledge.