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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180804 About Polyester Kimono(Hand printing)

■About Polyester Kimono(Hand printing)


Briefly, hand printing is the techniques that dyeing the fabric which have been pasted on a board (about 25m) with brush.


Hand printing also have different patterns for every color. Pouring dye into the formwork and dyeing fabric.


Comparing with roller printing, the repeatable pattern range of hand printing is longer.    ※The pattern dyed by hand printing can repeat for 76cm.


Dyeing big flower patterns, hand printing are always used.



The advantage of hand printing is that it can make the gradations of color pretty and produce gorgeous kimonos by dyeing separately.


Since the range of patterns is large, and the size of flowers is big, hand printing is also used for Furisode Kimonos.


Hand printing needs lots of labors, so it is impossible to have large production.



Warmness from craftsmen also an advantage of hand printing.