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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180805 About Japanese Fabric of Fuuka-Kimono

【About Fabric of Kimono】


There are several kinds of fabrics of our polyester kimonos.


Polyester kimonos which are easy to maintain even though being washed in washing machines are popular in Japan.



There are many kinds of CHIRIMEN fabric.




Such as CHIRIMEN、MIYAKO CHIRIMEN、KOICHIMATSU、TUMUGI、YOURYU、NAIAGARA and KOUBAI, the thickness, texture and woven way of fabrics are different.




In this photo, you can know that with different kinds of fabric, both thickness and patterns are different.


Weaving the fabric vertically and horizontally can make some patterns on it. We call these patterns “JIMON”.

JIMON is a pattern of the fabric itself.

JIMON is a meaningful pattern related to the history of Japanese kimonos.


The fabric of polyester kimonos allows people move easily and available for uniform kimonos with a reasonable price.


For example, the thickness of fabric leads to lightness and weight.


When people produce kimonos, they will consider whether it is easy to walk with kimonos, whether able to wear kimonos comfortably for a long time and whether kimonos can be dried quickly after washing.

Comparing with normal kimonos, uniform kimonos are thicker.


Uniform kimonos are made for working and they allow workers to move easily.


For example, the fabrics of uniform kimonos in Japanese restaurants are thicker than general ones.



Since the fabric is different, the condition of dye also different. So the dyeing process of the fabrics will different.


The fabric of basic kimonos is crepe fabric (CHIRIMEN). Its surface has irregularities.


We create original weave patterns on fabrics which we called MIYAKO CHIRIMEN and KOICHIMATSU.

With some weave patterns and irregularities on fabrics, the kimonos will become special.




TUMUGI, YOURYU and NAIAGARA are usually used for men’s kimonos.






Since popular men’s kimonos always have only one color, the kimonos with weave patterns are high quality kimonos.



Our kimonos are 100% polyester materials, so you can put it into washing machine with laundry nets.


The methods to keep these kimonos are as easy as normal clothes.


In addition to color and pattern of kimonos, you can also pay attention to the fabric of kimonos. Please enjoy kimonos with kimono culture knowledge.