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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180806 About the period of wearing kimonos.


【About the period of wearing kimonos.】


There are different kimono in four seasons.

It has several kinds of kimonos. They are Awase Kimonos (kimonos with lining), Hitoe Kimonos( kimonos without lining), and yukatas.





In Japan, Awase Kimonos are worn from October to May.




About Hitoe Kimonos, we will wear them at the turn of seasons like June and September.







In summer, we will wear some cool fabric yukatas, such as yukatas with RO or SYA materials.







Recently, Japan become hotter than before due to global warming. So the period of wearing kimonos changed a bit.


It also has coats for kimonos.



It is a coat that has rounded sleeves and the sleeves of kimono can be put inside.



We provide coats for men.The popular coat called TONBI Coat.It is designed with combination of coat and cape.





We also have Haori which alike cardigan.


Haori has short length and long length.




Cause Haori is casual than coat, you can wear it indoors.And also wear on your own normal clothes.


We have Haori for summer.