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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180807 About Kyoto Dye Fuuka-Kimono

 【Fuuka-Kimono dyed in Kyoto】


We recommend Fuuka Kimono Plan to you.




The dye factory in Kyoto reserves previous and traditional patterns of kimono.



Exquisite patterns are made by these roller machines.

Professional designers engrave patterns on the roller machines.

With innovation, we make the traditional patterns into modern style.







Exquisite pattern made by roller machines is pretty. But for foreigners, it may be a little bit plain.

Dyed in Kyoto.




Kimonos always dyed with traditional gentle color.









Craftsmen will choose color from a variety of color templates, while paying attention to the choice of color shade. The products are exquisite and elegant.









This grey kimono is elegant which made by roller painting.









We also recommend kimonos with color gradation.







With the patterns engraved on roller machines by professional designers, we adjust the color and dye.



Beautiful color gradation is an advantage of Kyoto dyeing.







This is a traditional old pattern called TUJIGA-HANA.





This is an elegant kimono with TUJIGA-HANA pattern and color gradation.



If you have opportunity to Kyoto, please enjoy wearing elegant kimonos. It will super match the cityscape of Kyoto and photogenic.