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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


180808 About Kaku Obi for Men

【About Kaku Obi】 


Kaku Obi is the obi belt of men. It is used for kimonos, yukatas and Hakamas. And it can be used in formal or casual style.




The popular pattern of kaku obi called Kenjyo.









Kenjyo pattern imitates the pattern of Buddhist objects. There are plenty of color variations on Kenjyo obi.


We also provide obi belts of cotton and polyester materials.



Comparing with polyester obi, the cotton obi is soft and easier to tie. We recommend cotton obis to beginners.



Polyester obi which with high fashion can be used for much more style.









For those who cannot tie knots, pre-made obi belts are convenient. Pre-made obi is a belt with knot and Velcro. It can be fastened with Velcro after rolling. Since it is super convenient to tie in one operation, it is called “One Touch Obi” in Japan.








Our original obis are made of stretch materials. According to your own waist size, you can fasten the obi with Velcro.









With waist size within 110cm, you can use pre-made obi conveniently.


We increased the types of obi belt for men. Please enjoy it.