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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


161262-About Purchase-Formal style

When you want to buy a kimono, you will also need the following items.

Here is the formal kimono (otaiko belt) style required items.

*Otaiko tie: Otaiko tie is one of the ties for kimono. It is the most common tie suitable for any age.


About kimono related things

1.Erishin: Things put into the collar of long undershirt and short undershirt, in order to keep the shape of collar. 

2.Datejime: This is a belt that will be used when dressing kimono. Usually, we need two idajimes, one for underskirt; the other for kimono. It is an indispensable thing for keeping the shape of kimono.

3.Koshihimo: This is a band that will be used when dressing kimono. In order to keep the shape of kimono, it is necessary to tie it on the waist. Usually, need 2~3 koshihimos.

4.Obiita: It will be used for keeping the shape of obi.

5.Obimakura:It will be used when tying fukuro obi and Nagoya obi. And, it is also necessary for otaiko tie and other ties. ※Fu-ka provide obi which is easy to tie for foreigners, such as hanhaba obi which has half width than fukuro obi and Nagoya obi, tukuri obi and so on.

6.Obiage & Obi string: Obiage will be used for wrapping obimakura and tying fukuro obi or Nagoya obi when dressing kimono. In modern Japan, it is regarded as a significant accessory for kimono, and it is also used for hanhaba obi as fashion. Obi string is a string used for fastening obi. The obi string provided in Fu-ka is like an accessory that can make the collection of obi more gorgeous.

7.Otaiko obi

8.Underdress: Wearing it before long underskirt. It is made by combining the underwear set.

9.Long undershirt: Wearing it after underdress. If the undershirt has a skirt tail, we call it long undershirt; if no, we call short undershirt.

10.Tabi: They are socks for kimono.