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風香 Fuuka-Kimono


x01-02a Japanese Fabric Yukata fuukakimono



Luxury Japanese Dye Summer Kimono Yukata

■About Japanese Dye Yukata
- Luxury traditional yukata style that are designed by Japanese designers.
- Japanese dye yukata adopts high quality materials.
- highly breathable, therefore comparatively lightweight and comfortable to wear even in extremely hot days.
- with high quality fabrication, yukata is wash resistible and has quick drying property.
- Beautiful coloration with the use of Japanese local dye.
- We provide a wholesale price.
- Traditional Japanese design
- Made with Japanese local material
- Japanese dye method for its lasting beautiful colour
- Quality insured by Japanese standards

※If you would  like to change the color, please let us know before buying it.
Heko obi is a style of Japan produced obi belt that is made easy to wear even for beginners.
It is a product with careful design by our company with precision
calculation from its degree of softness, texture design to thickness.

- highly recommended for its convenience and gorgeous design
- popular yukata belt choice in Japan
- Made in Japan

・Garment Length : 163cm
・Sleeve vertical length : 49cm
・Sleeve length (horizontal measure from centerlining)  : 67cm
・Height adjustment : 153~168cm

・Length : 360.0cm
・Width : 17.5cm

・Yukata - Cotton
・Obi Belt - Polyester(Nylon mix)

Special discount applies to all overseas customers for these fantastic yukata styles at great value of ¥ 7000
Yukata set of 2 includes:
Yukata + easy to wear belt/Heiko Obi ( set does not include other accessories)

*please note Heiko Obi is made from softer and easier to wear material than the traditional Yukata belt (interchangeable to traditional Obi upon your request with further charge of \1,000)